15th Annual Christmas Dinner
11:00 AM11:00

15th Annual Christmas Dinner

Share the love of Christ by serving others at our Free Community Dinner.

There are many ways you can serve:

We currently need help in the following areas:

  • Set up/Decorating (8:30-10:30 am) we need 5 people

  • Kitchen Help (9 am-1 pm) we need 2 people

  • Dishwashing/Busing tables (10:30-2:30 pm) we need 4 people

  • Tear Down/Clean Up (1-2:30 pm) we need 2 people

  • Food Packaging for Delivery and/or delivery (10:30-1:00 pm) we need 6 people (not necessarily drivers)

  • Grocery Hand Out: (10:30-1:00 pm) we need 2-3 people

  • Hospitality Team (1:30-1:00 pm) we need 2 people.

If you would like to serve on a team at the Christmas dinner for a few hours on Christmas Day, please contact Michele at the church at 570-374-8015 or contact us through the church website and we will be in touch with you. Remember Christ came to serve. This is an awesome opportunity to show others the love of Christ.

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Have you experienced a significant loss of a loved one in your life? God never wastes a hurt. Your grief experience may be able to help someone else. Join our GriefShare team. Call 570-374-8015 or contact Michele Walter at mwalt.wumc@gmail.com

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